14 - 15 Nov 2013
Hotel Casa 400 Amsterdam

Conference Speakers and Panellists

Damian Atkinson
Damian joined ING in 1999, and was previously at Bankers Trust and Salomon Brothers. Damian has been working in IT in the Finance Industry since 1986 and has been involved in some of the more significant changes in the industry such as Big Bang, CAD in 1995, euro , Y2K and MiFID. Damian has worked on a variety of out-sourcing and in-sourcing projects for  services, platforms and fully hosted solutions. Current responsibilities are as UK CIO for ING Commercial Banking.

Arina Bondar
Arina Bondar graduated in Economic-Cybernetics at the Technical University in Zaporizhzhya/Ukraine as well as in Quantitative Economics at the University of Constance/Germany. In 2009 Arina pursued her professional carrier in IT by Art-master Ltd. in Kyiv, where she performed one of the core roles by the organizational-wide implementation of CMMI Level 3 as quality manager.

In 2012 she joined the Consulting Team by Method Park. Arina coaches teams on the topic of project management and process improvement with SPICE and CMMI.  She concentrates her work on the Agile methods, and in particularly on their implementation in safety-related systems. Arina Bondar is iSQI® Certified Project Manager and ScrumAlliance® Certified Scrum Master.

Christophe Debou
Process Maturity Models and Agile methods are sometimes put in contradiction with each other. This is based on some myths that Maturity models are just building up a bureaucratic environment whereas Agile is synonym with cow-boy coding. This case study will show how a medium size software house from Central Europe has applied successfully for years CMMI-Models (Development and recently Services). Agile methods have been also piloted and partly rolled out and proved not to contradict the requirements of the used process models. Comparing process models alike CMMI and Agile has proven to be anyway non-sense. Their positioning in the software engineering landscape will be clearly highlighted with the case study.  This company has been delivering double-digit revenue growth for several years and praised for their good quality software. CMMI is being a major pillar of their software engineering strategy (It may anecdotal to say that they are one of the few independent central European companies having achieved capability level 3 for key processes) and the combination with agility with foster further growth.

Peter Fassbinder
Dr. Peter Faßbinder is a principal consultant for advanced process optimization at Siemens Corporate Technology. He performs process analysis and leads process improvement projects. His current focus topics are system process optimization, integrated process solutions, and management of global processes. Prior joining Siemens, Peter worked as project leader and architect at T-Systems, IBM Global Services and Telecom New Zealand.

Isabel Ferreira
Current and most important activities: Quality Manager and Project Management Competency Center support at Sinfic, SA; Guest Professor (since 2007) at Project Management post graduation at ISEG University; Guest Professor (since 2008) at Master Degree in Organizational IT Systems at IPS ESCE Institute; Consulting and implementation in projects of continuous process improvement.

Quality Team Coordinator at Sinfic, SA; Previous: Project Management Competency Center Coordinator at Sinfic, SA; Process Improvement with CMMI implementation initiatives; Implementation of Scrum process improvement initiatives; Software Engineering Trainer in areas like Project Management, Business Analysis and Requirements Management; Quality Assurance.

Susana Fonte
Business Development Manager at Sinfic, SA. Previous: Business Unit Manager at Sinfic, SA. CMMI-DEV SCAMPI appraisal team. CMMI-SVC SCAMPI appraisal team. Responsible for Business Development in Europe, at Sinfic SA. Responsible for Strategic and Operational Management of the Business Unit at Sinfic, SA, dedicated to IT Consultancy, Training and Technical Services. Responsible for Marketing and Strategic Planning of the Business Unit at Sinfic, SA.

Vinay Gulati
Senior Manager with Accenture and currently the Information Security Lead for the United Kingdom and Ireland. A company expert on transformation, security and continuity. Founder and chair of the Spinlondon Network. Focused on improving business performance, organizational maturity, process capability, reducing costs and improving productivity. Worked in innovative ways within large corporate and social entrepreneurial organizations, bringing new ideas to fruition.

Michelle Krupa
Michelle is Project Portfolio Director within the SITA Software Development organization.  In this role she focuses on ensuring the consistency and effectiveness of Project and Program Management practices employed across the Software Development organization.  Michelle leads a global team of 40 programme and project managers that direct the efforts of over 400 onshore and 500-700 off shore developers.

With such a significant investment in software, the capability of the team whole is critical to meeting SITA’s business objectives.  The improvement journey, led by Michelle, is a key aspect of software development strategy driving higher performance and increased customer satisfaction.

Peter Leeson
Peter Leeson is a certified lead appraiser, instructor and visiting scientist with the CMMI  Institute. He is a recognized speaker at conferences and is appreciated for his pragmatic approach to what many consultants appear to enjoy veiling in obscure techno-speak. With over 35 years in the IT industry and 20 in process improvement, he has worked in every continent except South America. His focus has always been to improve business for his customers rather than satisfy theories and models.

Ben Linders
I help organizations with effective software development and management practices, improving collaboration and communication and people skills to deliver business value to customers. And I also write news about books and publications, tools and events, and you can view and download my publications. I’m an active member of several networks on Agile, Lean and Quality, and a frequent speaker and writer. Contact me via benlinders.com, my bilingual (Dutch and English) blog on agile and lean, quality and defect prevention, governance and continuous improvement. Or follow me on twitter: @BenLinders.

Isabel Margarido
Isabel Lopes Margarido is a Ph.D student full time researcher, since September 2009, in the Doctoral Program of Informatics Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP), under the supervision of Prof. Raul Vidal and Prof. Marco Vieira. After 8 years of experience in the software systems development industry, Isabel evolved her research work to the measurement of CMMI® practices, focusing on high maturity levels and quantitative management. Currently, Isabel is working closely with the SEI SEMA team, under the supervision of Dr. David Zubrow and the collaboration of Dr. William Nichols.

Arthur Maria do Valle
PhD student at Production and Systems Engineering Post-Graduate Program, MSc in Computer Science. As a senior consultant, Arthur has been involved in process improvement programs over the last 10 years in ISD Brazil. Arthur has published and presented papers in journals and conferences specialized in process improvement, including the 18th EuroSPI Conference in 2011 in Denmark. Arthur is certified instructor for CMMI-DEV, SVC and ACQ. Arthur has Black Belt Six Sigma formation and is also professor of post-graduation.

Melanie Mecca
Ms. Mecca, MA Philosophy, is the CMMI Institute’s Product Manager for the Data Management Maturity (DMM) Model, and a key contributor to the DMM since its inception. She secured corporate sponsorship funding and created a methodology for DMM assessments.  Previously, she was Program Manager for an Enterprise-level group for Data Architecture and Data Management, leading DMM Assessments and data strategies, and managing engagements to design enterprise data architectures, enterprise data models, master data hubs, data warehouse components, and shared data services.  She has architected and implemented several enterprise-wide data management improvement programs. At a recent analytics conference, she led executive data management discussions.

Peter Panholzer
Peter Panholzer, holding a master degree in secure information systems, is co-founder of the security consulting company Limes Security. He has a longstanding experience with secure software development, mainly in industrial organisations. He also shared his knowledge as a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Hagenberg, Austria and regularly gives talks on international conferences to various topics in the field of cyber security.

Peter is a hacker that wants to share his deep knowledge about security attacks and defences with the process improvement community. His goal is to help development organizations building up their own security capabilities and creating products that are more resilient. He is one of the main contributors to “Security by Design with CMMI for Development v1.3” (previously +SECURE), a model that helps building up an organization that is able to develop secure products.

Dr Malgorzata Pinkowska
Dr Malgorzata Pinkowska works as a business consultant and a project manager at mimacom ag, Swiss software development company, which as one of firsts implemented CMMI Level 5 into an agile environment. She focuses on software project management, process improvement and quality assurance. Her main responsibility was to implement CMMI practices into the quality system of mimacom. As ATM, she took part in the assessment of mimacom Maturity Level 5.

Mary Lynn Penn
As Director of Strategic Process Engineering, at Lockheed Martin Corporation, Information Systems & Global Solutions (IS&GS), Lynn oversees policies and process command media, process compliance via audits and process improvement activities. She develops and manages compliance to multiple process methodologies including CMMI DEV, CMMI SVC, RMM, Lean Six Sigma, Agile, ISO 9001/AS9100, ISO 20000 and ISO 27001. 

Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Capability Maturity Model (CMM) involvement began with version 1.0 and has progressed to the current CMMI version 1.3. She has participated in multiple formal SPAs, CBA IPIs, Assessments using the Acquisition Model, Risk Evaluations and supported multiple Software Capability Evaluations per versions 1, 2, and 3. She has supported multiple assessments using both CMMI DEV and CMMI SVC.  She is currently certified as a CMMI Instructor and a SCAMPI B/C Team Lead and an SEI Affiliate. She was the Industry lead for the CMMI V1.3 model release.

Luisa Recalcati
Luisa Recalcati is a technology executive with proven success directing high profile programs. Experienced in Data Management and Enterprise Architecture, Web Application, CRM, Asset Reusability, transaction processing, E-commerce, and Advanced Metadata Repository. She has a consistent history of developing innovative solutions that enable business growth. She is experienced at leading top-performing teams in application and system integration, design, and development. She joined Microsoft in 2007 and currently works in the Microsoft IT department as an Enterprise Architect. In this capacity she leads the Integrated Data Management initiative, to match business velocity by providing a fast and consistent view of Microsoft core data across businesses.

Winfried Russwurm
Winfried Russwurm is a principal process consultant at Siemens AG. He is a certified Intro-to-CMMI Instructor and SCAMPI lead appraiser. He holds a Ph.D. Degree in Physics from University of Regensburg (Germany). He has 25 years experience in engineering (both HW and SW) and 18 years in project management. For more than 17 years now, he is doing process improvement projects and process analysis (assessments, appraisals) inside and outside of the Siemens company in the product development domain for a broad range of businesses (e.g. automotive, banking, rail, automation, health, energy). He has worldwide experience, has done around 100 process analyses, has contributed to books, written numerous articles and conference contributions. He coordinated the German translation of CMMI-DEV. Recently, he grew more into security and multi-model topics and other development related areas. He is one of the main contributors to the recently published CMMI Institute technical note “Security by Design with CMMI for Development, Version 1.3” An Application Guide for Improving Processes for Secure Products.

Prasanth Shanthakumaran
Prasanth has over nineteen years of work experience in the Consulting and Information Technology sector. Currently he is a Director with KPMG and manages the International consulting division for Business Excellence practice. The practice provides advisory services to over 300 clients globally in over 25 countries in both model and non-model based process improvement to address business challenges. KPMG is a global firm providing services in Audit, Tax and advisory with over 150,000 employees in 157 counties.

Prior to joining KPMG, he was the Vice President and in Mahindra Satyam a leading IT services organisation. He was based of UK for over 8 eight years to initially head the consulting division for EMEA region and later to lead the IT initiatives in Telecom and Media sector for UK and Ireland. His initial stint in the firm involved consulting engagements for Japanese firms while being based out of Tokyo. He was also head of SQAG at Cognizant Technology and led the process improvement function for Technology at Ramco Systems.

Prasanth has authored multiple papers on Strategic planning and process improvement including an award winning paper selected on the topic “Audit planning to process improvement – an automated journey.

Paul Van Den Heuvel
Senior Manager in Accenture’s Technology Solutions practice. An expert in Service Delivery Management specialist and lead of  the Accenture Delivery Centre in the Netherlands. Previously involved in various roles in Accenture’s CMMI journey in The Netherlands since the start (in 2005). Prior to his role in Service Delivery Management, Paul worked on designing and implementing large IT systems at clients in the Products and Resources industries.

Dr Pieter Willem Jordaan van Zyl
Dr Pieter van Zyl is Chief Executive Officer of Demix cc and a directory of mimacom Demix AG. The companies specialise on assessments, training and consulting on process best practices. Dr van Zyl is a High Maturity Lead Appraiser and an instructor for CMMI for Development, Acquisition and Services. He has a keen interest in agile development and project management practise and how it is enhanced with CMMI best practise.

Stephen Woods
Stephen has worked with Capability Maturity Models since 1995, when he was introduced to the software CMM while working at Citibank. During the intervening period he has led and supported both successful and unsuccessful process improvement programmes for major retail banks, insurance companies, retail companies and consultancy organisations. Stephen is currently a certified SCAMPI Lead appraiser and has previously been a software CMM and CMMI trainer. He has delivered training and conducted appraisals from Seattle to Tokto and many places in between. In his current role at RSA he is introducing BST practice as defined by CMMI-DEV, CMMI-SVC and P3O.




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